Mark Sander plays singer/songwriter showcase with Pat Strain and Matt Robertson

Mark Sander, Pat Strain, Matt Robertson
Mark Sander played a singer/songwriter showcase at the The Bourbon Room in St Albert on June 29, 2016. Accompanied by Pat Strain (12-string electric), and Matt Robertson (bass), Mark played a selection of his catalog of original songs. While some of the songs are classics from Cone of Silence, a few new songs were performed in public for the first time. Mark reports that the new songs will appear on an upcoming release.

[Note: audio quality is sketchy, please use caution]

Internet release of the Banood documentary

“Fighting in Sunshine, the Untold Story of Banood” is a feature-length documentary about the band Banood.

Originally released in 2004, it was originally available as a DVD.  Now the movie is now being released (for free) on the internet.

The movie producers, Michael Bain and Lorne Yudcovitch, look forward to new audiences discovering their documentary.

Please make sure you don’t skip ahead.  Doing so is bad luck. Pour yourself a beverage, sit comfortably and enjoy the movie!

Nihahi Ridge CD

Scott Marshall releases CD “Nihahi Ridge”

Banood saxophone player Scott Marshall has been busy working with his quartet.  His latest CD is the fourth by this Toronto-based saxophonist and composer.

Nihahi Ridge features ten Marshall originals.

The CD showcases the talents of his quartet, who effortlessly interpret Marshall’s compositions.  It’s clear that the ensemble has been together a long time. The band is tight and full of musical conversation.  Flowing beautifully through bright intense swing tunes, funky soulful songs, longing sentimental ballads, moody atmospheres, and a traditional Scottish melody the CD will delight all who hear it. This is one CD with a subtle groove from beginning to end!

Available: CD Baby   |  iTunes

Banood reunited

Banood reunited 2005

Members of Banood reunited briefly in Calgary this week. The reunion was a multi-day fesival that began with an almost-sold-out concert at the Sir Winston Churchill High School Team Teaching Theatre. The concert, known as “TTT3”, was widely regarded as “the best performance of Banood since TTT2.” The week-long festival of peace and love included a private screening of the “Fighting in Sunshine” movie, a dinner gathering and an evening of wine-tasting. When asked if this was the final reunion of Banood, band member Henry Bland commented, “I think we all ate and drank a little too much. It’s probably a good idea for us to digest a little before doing this again.”

Flashback – Rock Against Racism


Flashback – promo photos from 1985