Banood Releases

  • Mind that parcel 1985
  • Find a penny 1984

Many of the members have been, and continue to be active musicians outside of Banood.  Below is a list of recordings by the members of Banood.

Banood MemberActAlbum/tourYearWhere to buy
Ashwin SoodWild StrawberriesHeroine1995iTunes
Ashwin SoodSarah McLachlanAfterglow2003iTunes
Ashwin SoodSarah McLachlanAfterglow Live2004iTunes
Ashwin SoodSarah McLachlanWintersong2006iTunes
Ashwin SoodStevie NicksTrouble in Shangri-La2001iTunes
Ashwin SoodRufus WainwrightPoses2001iTunes
Ashwin SoodThe Mediæval BæbesUndrentide2000iTunes
Ashwin SoodDelieriumPoem2001iTunes
Ashwin SoodFauxliageFauxliage2007iTunes
Ashwin SoodConjure OneExtraordinary Ways2005iTunes
Ashwin SoodTara MacLeanSilence1996iTunes
Ashwin SoodStephen FearingThe Assassin's Apprentice1993iTunes
Ashwin SoodSarah McLachlanMirrorball1999iTunes
Ashwin SoodMae MooreBohemia1992
Ashwin SoodGreg KeelorGone1996iTunes
Ashwin SoodSarah McLachlanSurfacing1997iTunes
Ashwin SoodSarah McLachlanSolace1991iTunes
Ashwin SoodGeLGeL - EP2015iTunes
Ashwin SoodDeleriumRarites and B Sides2015iTunes
Mark SanderThe Cone of SilenceSixty-Grit Sandpaper and Other Delights2004CD Baby
Mark SanderThe Cone of SilenceLift Twist and Jerk1995SoundCloud
Scott MarshallScott Marshall QuartetVignettes2010CD Baby iTunes
Scott MarshallScott Marshall QuartetNine Moments of Time2007iTunes
Scott MarshallScott Marshall TrioFace It2002CD Baby
Scott MarshallScott Marshall QuartetNihahi Ridge2015CD Baby iTunes
Ashwin Sood
Sheryl CrowThe Very Best Of Sheryl Crow2004iTunes
Ashwin SoodSerena RyderIf Your Memory Serves You Well2006iTunes
Ashwin SoodPhildelThe Glass Ghost2013MusicGlue iTunes
Ashwin SoodWild StrawberriesTwist2000iTunes
Scott MarshallOut of OrderWhat Now2000
Scott MarshallOut of OrderOut of Order1997